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Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events. Some of the biggest drivers of the travel industry worldwide, involving transport, accommodation, meeting venues, and a lot more exciting things. We can help you find the right venue, suggest the best DMC's or PCO's to work with, or help you with your own project. If you wish, we handle the full job under your banner.
Particularly interesting for start-up businesses and home-based agents, we will act as your guide and help you to find your way in the complexity of the Tourism world. To the extent that you need it, we'll look over your shoulders, provide hints, tips and tricks, and help you on your way to be better at your job.
For a good business, you need good people. If you can't employ them yourself, for any reason, we can help you with hiring the right professional. We can train your staff, arrange for interim management to take over for any length of time, or find specialized consultants to help you reach your goals.
Our all-round experience in the tourist industry enables us to find solutions for arranging all your customer's requests. We know where to go, whom to contact, and what to ask. Insider knowledge that will make all the difference.
We have a global network of contacts across the industry, that we can put to work for you when required. These are people we have worked with and whom we trust, people who have their own extended network that we can tap into, increasing our reach even further. It's all about relationships, and ours will do a good job for you.
This is a very specific market in its own right. There's literally thousands of options for clients who need assistance to find the right kind of hotel, environment, or treatments, and it's not easy to see the forest through the trees. We know a thing or two about this business, let us be your guide to make sure you get the best offer for your clients.
It's not about what you know, it's about who you know... we're not entirely on board with the former (you should know something about your business), but we're absolutely convinced that the latter is true - it does matter who you know. We know a lot of people in good places throughout the travel industry, and we can put them to good use to assist you with your business.